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Nazareth Transportation and Tourism Company

Nazareth Transportation and Tourism Company

In 1932, the company acquired its first bus, which was a turning point that laid the foundations to develop businesses in the field of transportation, transport, and tourism.

Nazareth Transportation and Tourism became an operator of public buses in 1943 serving the area of Nazareth and the Galilee. Later, the company began operating international transport lines. In the early 1970s, the company began organizing trips for tourists and its reputation grew rapidly because of the quality of its services and its modern fleet of buses, in addition to the quick responsiveness of its team of employees.

Today, the company operates intercity transportation lines in the north of Israel, covering Nazareth, Nof HaGilil, Haifa, Karmiel and the Galilee villages, as well as urban lines in Sakhenin, Arabe, Kfar Manda and Maghar, using about 80 public transportation lines.

The company owns 240 modern buses, strictly maintaining air pollution regulations in addition to the first electric bus in the city of Sakhnin. Company buses are equipped with electronic ticketing systems, modern fleet Management systems, WIFI, cameras, and USB ports.

The company team of trained employees’ numbers almost 400.

The company adheres to the highest standards of service provision and the regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Transport. In all its activities, the company constantly improves accessibility and quality of life, while operating modern, convenient, fast, punctual, courteous and safe public transportation services, which serve as an attractive alternative to using a private vehicle.

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