Accessibility Statement

Nazareth Transportation and Tourism Ltd., (hereinafter: the “Company”) Ascribes Great Importance to Providing Equal Service to People with Disabilities. Therefore, the Company Has Invested Many Resources, Including Making Vital Information Available in the Area of Public Transportation, whether on the Company’s Website or in the Offices and Buses in Order to Create a Comfortable, Friendly, and Supportive Atmosphere to the Disabled.

Access to the Internet Webpage

The Company Website Is Made in Accordance with the Standard of AA Access and According to International Standards of the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

The Website Is Compatible in General for Various Browsers and Operating Systems in Addition to Compatibility for Support Programs Such as Screen Readers and Possible Keyboard Navigation.

The Website Contains Interfaces with Various Systems Such as HOPON and Side C Software with Links to Other Websites, for which the Company Is Not Responsible Concerning Accessibility Arrangements Existing on Those Websites.

It Should Be Noted that Despite Our Efforts to Make All the Pages on the Website Accessible, it is Possible that Some Parts of the Website Are Still Not Accessible.
We Are Happy to Receive Requests for Information and/or Proposals to Imporve the Accessibility of the Website in Serving Online Users.

Urban Buses

All the Municipal Buses Are Fully Handicap Accessible and Include:

  1. An Internal and External Public Address System
  2. Internal Displays Showing Stations on the Way, the Current Station, and the Upcoming Stations on the Line.
  3. A Wide Door Is Designed for a Person Moving in a Wheelchair, of Over 100 Centimeters Allowing Them Free Passage.
  4. Symbols of Accessibility
  5. A Lift Apparatus for Entrance and Exit for Passengers Using Wheelchairs.
  6. A System to Prevent the Bus from Moving During the Operation of the Lift.
  7. In Those Seats Designated for Handicapped Armrests are Installed that Can Be Raised and Marked in Yellow.
  8. Every Handhold, Protrusion, and Stop Button Are Displayed in Yellow in Contrast to the Surrounding Background.
  9. Warning Stripes Found on the Entrance and Exit Step Openings.
  10. In Front of the Entrance Door, in the Front Half, Three Places Have Been Allocated on both Sides for People with Disabilities who move without a Wheelchair, which have Been Marked with Accessibility Symbols, including a Seat for a Blind Person Accompanied by a Guide-Dog where the Room for the Dog is no Less than 60 cm Wide and 110 cm Long.
  11. Against the Door Designated for Entry of a Person Moving in a Wheelchair, a Space has been Allocated for the Wheelchair with the Person Moving in it, whose area is no less than 80 cm Wide and 120 cm Long.
  12. Handholds and Means to Secure the Wheelchair and Ensure its Stability in During the Trip.
  13. Within the Arm Reach Assigned for the Wheelchair, a Stop Button is Installed that Activates a Light on the Dashboard with an Accessibility Symbol on it, which Lights Up until the Doors are Opened.

The Driver Opens the Lift Ramp at the Second Door for the Handicapped Passenger and Helps Them Come Up and Fix the Wheelchair in an Anchoring Device.

Inter-City Bus

The Transportation Company Gradually Makes the Fleet of Inter-City Vehicles Accessible in Addition to Continuously Equipping Them with Handicap Accessible Inter-City Vehicles in Accordance with the Instructions of the Ministry of Transportation.

Accessibility for Inter-City Buses Includes:

  1. An Internal and External Public Address System.
  2. Internal Displays Showing Stations on the Way, the Current Station, and the Coming Stations on the Line.
  3. Entrance and Exit Openings and the Ends of Stairs Are Marked with a Warning Stripe of Visual Contrast.
  4. Next to the Bus Entrance, Two Seats Are Set Aside for Handicapped. These Are Indicated by Accessibility Symbols.
  5. Two Adjacent Seats, Without Foot Rests in Front of Them, Are for Handicapped People with Service Animals. The Designated Area is in Front of the Seats on the Floor and is Supposed to Be Marked by Accessibility Symbols for the Visually Impaired.
  6. Stickers in Accordance with the Law.

Service Stations “RAV-KAV”

The Company Operates Stations “Rav-Kav” to Provide Recharging and Issuing of Metro Cards at Three Areas: Maghar, Zarzir, and Sakhnin.

Every “Rav-Kav” Office is Accessible in Accordance with Guidelines of the Law. All Necessary Means of Access are Installed at the Said Stations According to the Law and Include:

  1. Easy and Task-Related Access for Handicapped
  2. Parking.
  3. Accessibility Entrance.
  4. Accessible Reception Desks.
  5. Accessible Ticketing Office.
  6. Accessible Waiting Areas (Where Available).
  7. Handicap Restrooms.
  8. Technological Hearing and Visual Aids for Handicapped.

Accessible Training in the Organization

The Company Conducts Two Training Sessions a Year for its Workers During which a Large Section Is Allocated for Explaining the Issue of Accessibility, and Guidance to Help Those with Handicaps and How to Provide Accessibility Services.

Accessible Lines

Below Is a List of Accessible Municipal Lines Operated by the Company:

DestinationOriginLine number
Kfar MandaKfar Manda8
Accessible Lines

Below Is a List of Accessible Intercity Lines Operated by the Company:

DestinationOriginLine number
Ein MahilSakhnin180
Sha’abEmeq Yizra’el240
SakhninMajd al-Krum292
Ein MahilHaifa553
Ein MahilHaifa554
NazarethBaqa al-Gharbiyye720
NazarethKfar Qaraa750
Accessible Lines

Company Accessibility Officer

Since the Issue of Accessibility for The Handicapped Is Important and Takes Utmost Preference in the Company, We Have Placed at Your Service a Person in Charge of Accessibility Issues in the Customer Relation Department.  You Can Make Contact by Filling Out a Public Appeals Form or by Contacting the Company via the Public Complaints Department.

Details of the Accessibility Officer:

Mr. Marwan Nakhleh


Telephone Number: 04-6535625

Link to Application Form

Fax Number: 04-6144795

Date of Update of Last Accessibility Statement: 08/05/2022

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