THE ANCIENT BATHHOUSE IN NAZARETH – In the heart of Nazareth, next to the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Gabriel and Mary’s Well, in the shadow of a huge Ficus tree lies a recently discovered historical treasure: an ancient bathhouse.

The location of THE ANCIENT BATHHOUSE IN NAZARETH – While starting renovations for their new shop in 1993, Elias and Martina uncovered the historic remains of the only public bathhouse in Nazareth. The water for the establishment, no doubt, came from Mary’s Well, as it was the main water source available at the time.  The site contains artifacts dating back to ancient Roman times, leading experts to suggest that the bathhouse existed at the time of Jesus or even before.

Today, you can enjoy guided visits of the caldarium (hot room), the most beautiful hypocaust (heating tunnels) in the Middle East, and the praefurnarium (furnace) at the site. It is truly a destination that should not be missed when travelling to the Holy Land. 


During the tour you will relax and be given refreshments in the arched hall of the cavern where wood and ashes were originally kept. Today it houses a permanent exhibition of the bathhouse excavations and Mary’s Well.

THE ANCIENT BATHHOUSE IN NAZARETH – In the shop upstairs, “Cactus” offers an exquisite collection of authentic traditional embroidery, handmade jewellery, metalwork, and other beautiful works of art.

The gift shop is named “Cactus” due to the location of THE ANCIENT BATHHOUSE IN NAZARETH at the foot of a hill once known as Cactus Hill.  In the Arabic language, “Saber” means “cactus” as well as: patience, endurance, and perseverance.  These are the very same qualities that Elias and Martina drew upon in their mission to bring the bathhouse to the world.

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