Nazareth Village

Set on the outskirts of old Nazareth, Nazareth Village is built on ancient agricultural land that boasts the area’s last remaining first-century wine press.

Nazareth Village – The original farm has been restored with its ancient wine press, terraces, irrigation system and stone quarry, and exact replicas of first-century houses, synagogue, watchtower, mikveh and olive presses, which have been carefully constructed using the original building methods and materials.

Together, these elements form Nazareth Village, an authentic first-century farm and archaeologically accurate re-creation of the hometown of Jesus, with real ties to the life and time of His friends, family and fellow Nazarenes.

Pilgrims to the Holy Land typically only see the dead stones of ancient ruins, but the geographical and cultural nuances of Jesus’ teaching are often crucial to understanding their full meaning. At Nazareth Village, bible scenes are brought to life by “villagers” who populate the farm and houses, living and working with the same type of clothing, pottery, tools and methods that Mary and Jesus would have used. Gifted and knowledgeable guides lead visitors through a living representation of the parables of Jesus within their original context before offering the opportunity to conclude the experience with an authentic biblical meal.

Nazareth Village

As part of the Nazareth Trust, which runs the nearby Nazareth Hospital, Nazareth Village is a not-for-profit organisation that covers most operations through entrance fees and gift shop sales. However, it welcomes contributions to cover programmes for children, biblical and archaeology courses, and especially the ongoing preservation and development of the Nazareth Village site.

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