Nazareth market

The Old Nazareth Market is one of the most fascinating markets in Israel, drawing its charm from the fact that it serves not only tourists but is also a living market, attracting trade from Nazarenes as well as people across the region. 

Nazareth Market was established in the 17th century, though it underwent a significant evolution during the 19th century. In the past, its districts were divided according to themes, with the Brides’ Market, the Vegetable Market, the Tinsmiths’ Market, and the Carpenters’ Market among the main districts or sections. Today, apart from the Vegetable Market, these sections still exist but predominantly in name only. The whole city, market included, was recently renovated in preparation for the millennium celebrations and the visit of Pope John Paul II.

The bustling alleys of the market directly north of the Basilica offer the rare opportunity to experience a working Oriental bazaar in Israel. Most of the city’s attractions are located either in its alleyways or nearby. One example of this is The Synagogue Church, hidden away in Nazareth’s Old Market. This is a historic church from the Crusader-era which, according to tradition, was once the synagogue where Jesus used to pray. The church belongs to the Greek-Catholic community.

Nazareth market

The market features a wide range of shops selling just about every item imaginable from kitchenware, vegetables, sweets and sweetmeats, to toys, embroidered cloth, silverware, coffee and herbs, scarves, and drums. Many skilled tradesmen, from knife-makers to tailors and cobblers, also offer their trades and services here.

The entrance to the market on El Bisharra St. has a famous large group of traditional sweets stores and is an excellent place to enjoy famous hot Nazareth knafeh. Heading down the market’s main street, take a right at the end and then left to find a small alley (6133) where craftsmen such as metalsmiths can still be found.

The aromas of the market, its ancient buildings, and its alleyways bursting with character make a visit an unforgettable experience.

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