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Lost Items

In case of loss, theft, or damage to property during the bus trip, who can you contact?

You can contact the company’s call center at *3553 / 1-599-559-559, or arrive in person at one of the company main office located in Nazareth, Paulus Ha Shishi St, working Hours 08:00 – 18:00

Who can I turn to if my smart card was lost?

In case of loss or damage to the smart card, one should turn to an “Rav-Kav” service booth to receive an identity certificate | 10 shekels and if the card is damaged or lost and is anonymous, the cost to issue a new card is 5 shekels. Note, the anonymous smart card that was lost or damaged must be equipped with arrangements loading receipts in order to receive the arrangements that were on the card.


Can a student use their student card balance?

In case the current profile has ended or the smart card is not relevant, the individual smart card user with financial value can turn to the close-by company offices with the goal of transferring the balance to the updated smart card or to the new profile. 

What is the new tariffs reform?

The new tariffs reform, “Equal Road,” which came into effect starting 1 August 2022, is based on travel distances in requiring isolated travel tariffs in accordance with the length of the route and distance of the embarking station from the destination station. In addition, dividing the country into municipalities has been nullified and in its place monthly free arrangements have been launched that operate in peripheral areas defined as area 1 and until a travel distance of 40 kilometers. The monthly free arrangements on the national level are not limited to distance or region in addition to expanding discounts to the various populations using public transportation. For additional information, you can go to the reform website at or to the tariffs page.

What are the payment conditions for a child’s carriage?

According to the supervision order on consumer prices and services for 2022, travel expenses include carrying a folding child’s carriage or hand cart.


Can animals ride the bus?
  • Small pets can ride the bus only if they are tethered on a leash and provided a restrainer. They must sit down or be held so they cannot harm or bother the comfort of passengers.
  • A blind passenger is eligible for an escort guide-dog tethered on a leash without additional payment.
  • A service dog with a leash can go on a bus without additional payment. 

Small Cards

In what cases is a passenger exempt from paying for the trip?

According to the agreement signed with the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Defense, soldiers are eligible to travel without a smart card, according to the following criteria:

  • Soldiers in uniform in regular service presenting an enlisted or officer document.
  • Soldiers not in uniform in regular service carrying form 327 wrapped in plastic.
  • Soldiers not in uniform carrying combat documentation. 
  • Soldiers upon the day of release from service with a release form for the day of travel.
  • Cadets in uniform carrying cadet documentation.
  • Cadets in uniform carrying cadet documentation and form 327.
  • Police personnel in the Israel Police; civilians working for the Police; Police retirees who have valid documentation.
  • Egged Bus Employees.

In addition, exemption from payment includes the following populations:

  • Citizens over the age of 75
  • Blind
  • Children under 5
What are the payment conditions for a child’s carriage?

A passenger with blind documentation issued by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare is eligible for full exemption from travel fees.

An escort for the blind is eligible for a 50% discount when loading the public value arrangement on a smart card belonging to a blind person.

Price Lists

Is there supervision on bus trip prices?

Absolutely, The Ministry of Transportation oversees and subsidizes travel prices for buses looking to maintain a reasonable and equal level of pricing for everyone. Therefore, the company is obligated to give discounts to various sectors according to the discount policy determined by the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Finance.

Can the passenger change destinations during the trip?

Yes, they can change the trip’s destination and if they want to travel to a new destination station beyond the original destination station, they can approach the driver when arriving at the original destination and ask to extend the trip to the desired station subject to revalidation for the new trip fees from the original destination station to the desired updated destination station. If the desired destination station is before the original destination, the passenger cannot receive the difference in price or refund. In this case they can appeal to the company to deal with the issue further.


What is the procedure for carrying hand baggage, a briefcase, or luggage?

Passengers may carry hand baggage for no extra charge, provided that the baggage does not cause damage or disturb passengers on the bus. Large bags and suitcases must be placed in the baggage hold zone without payment required in the following cases: 

  • Bag and suitcase, provided they do not cause damage or disturb passengers.
  • Folded kids strollers and/or a folded stroller for handicapped.
  • Any baggage, such as musical instruments, packages, crates, bags, etc., as long as the baggage does not disturb passengers and is not placed in the aisles and entrances.
  • Narrow baggage (wooden rod, drawing roll) not exceeding 1 meter in length.

Smart Card

What is a smart card?

A smart card is a loaded card. It pays for trips including buses, cable car, fast buses, light cable cars, and cable cars throughout the country. On the card is imprinted a photo of the passenger and identifying details.

What is the amount of discount for those eligible for pre-enlistment or those with a non-payment service card?

A soldier, a soldier doing non-payment service, a cadet as defined by the pre-enlistment protocols as recognized as pre-enlistment status (2009), or a cadet in a 6 month pre-enlistment unit supported by the tests for distributing money to support the requirements of the Ministry of Education in the pre-military service program or national service or civilian service for 12th grade graduates, and volunteers for a year of service who present documentation of service, are exempt from paying for travel on all service lines except for travel of distances greater than 225 kilometers. This restriction does not apply to those under this clause with place of service or resideence in Eilat or the Arava who present documentation showing their place of residence or place of service.

Where does one buy and load a smart card?

A smart card can be loaded at the smart card online webpage ( or at “on the line” service centers spread throughout the country.

How much can a passenger load on a card?

8 travel contracts can be loaded on a card.

How does this work?

The passenger presents the smart card to the card reader installed at the entrance to the bus, which scans the data, including card validation and the area of travel permitted, and thus will total the amount for the trip.

Eligibility Documentation

How is eligibility documentation issued?

The Ministry of Transportation sends the documentation to those eligible via automatic means, according to the transportation list each month from the National Insurance. There is no need to turn to the Ministry of Transportation. The documentation is personal and cannot be transferred.

Renewing documentation eligibility is done every 2 years for all those eligible. Once a month new documentation for “eligibility” is issued according to updates by the National Insurance Institute.

What if the documentation is lost?

In case of loss of documentation or non-receipt of those eligible, one can turn to the national information center at *8787 or petition in writing to: the supervisor for transport, Hamalakha Street 8, P.O. Box 57109, Tel Aviv, 61570, Fax: 03-5657281.

For additional questions regarding ‘Derekh Shava’ tariff reform, one can turn to the tariff reform website to share questions and answers:

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