Tariffs and Tickets

Tariffs and Cards

Travel fare pursuant to the Supervision of the Prices of Commodities and Services Regulation (Fares for Bus Service Line Travel and Local Train Travel), 2022. And as it will be updated and will be .in effect from now on for the time being

Single person travel fare is set according to travel distance. Details regarding travel fares can be found by searching this website and the website from the travel account.

A trip by public transportation is possible for holders of smart cards loaded for a period subscription or Accomulated value and for someone who has installed the active application authorized by the Ministry of Transportation (Moovit, Multi-Pass, PANGO CELLO). 

If you do not have a smart card and are interested in traveling using the application: for a simple explanation on scanning and traveling — National Authority for Public Transportation (pti.org.il).

Tariffs and Cards

There are a number of types of cards/travel arrangements in public transportation:

  • A single person travel card: at this stage, this is only for a senior citizen by loading the price in the card without cash.  For the entire population only by way of the application.
  • Travel arrangements as a daily free subscriber. 
  • Travel arrangements as a monthly free subscriber. 
  • Travel arrangements as a semester or yearly student free subscriber. 
  • Validation of single person travel via a smart card or an application for a travel range of 10-15 kilometers. They are eligible for free continual travel benefits up to 90 minutes on every trip of 0-15 kilometers.

New Discounts in the “Transportation Justice” Reform

Dear Passengers,

A new and beneficial reform in public transportation is being introduced as part of the Ministry of Transportation’s “Transportation Justice” initiative. Its goals are to connect Israel, close geographical gaps, remove obstacles, and enable all Israeli people to travel to distant places.

Commencing on March 25, 2024, the following demographic categories will be given set discounts: “Youth Profile,” “Geographic Profile,” “Discharged Soldiers Profile,” and “Welfare Recipients and Persons with Disabilities.”

The discounts listed below are exclusive to holders of a Rav-Kav card/payment application – with a matching profile. Profiles should be updated in payment applications and “Al HaKav” service centers.

Monthly Pass Discount “Geographic Profile” – Eligibility: People who live in eligible local authorities (Peripheral Area 1-5) as determined by the ICBS rating (not including statistical regions or settlements in the economic-social rating 9–10). Rate of discount: 50% off the monthly pass.

Monthly Pass Discount “Youth Profile” – Eligibility: Ages 18 to 26 (inclusive). Discount rate: 33% discount on the monthly pass.

“Discharged Soldiers Profile” Discount – Eligibility: Discharged soldiers and National Service participants. Discount Rate: One year of free travel following the conclusion of service.

Monthly Pass Discount “Welfare recipients and Persons with Disabilities” – Eligibility: National Insurance beneficiaries and individuals with disabilities. Discount Rate: The monthly pass is discounted by 50%.

Visit the following link to learn more about the “Transportation Justice” reform: צדק תחבורתי (pti.org.il)

Eligibility for Discount

  • Passengers over the age of 75 can travel for free.
  • Children and adolescents aged 5-18, or those who are older than 18 years but are still at the 12th grade, as well as students of special education facilities in accordance with the Special Education Law until the age of 21, are eligible for a 50% monthly discount when using the smart card or application. 
  • Regular students – a student who did not purchase a periodic travel arrangement – semester or yearly, is defined as a regular student (33% discount of the public value or a single person travel card via the application).
  • Extended Student profile: A student who has purchased a Periodical Student Pass will be assigned an Extended Student profile (50%) and will be entitled to travel for free in the areas included in their pass as well as a 50% fare discount when purchasing tickets of all types except for monthly, weekly or daily passes. 
  • Handicapped who presents documentation confirming disability | eligible for national insurance, eligible for a 50% discount in purchasing a travel arrangement of the public value type with a smart card or a single person travel card via the application.
  • Senior citizen – a woman aged 62 and a man aged 67 are eligible for a discount of 50% upon presendting documentation A, Senior/ID card/for single person travel by all means and also a discount of 50% in the public value and for purchasing a periodic subscriber card. 
  • Blind – eligible for full exemption from paying travel fees upon presenting valid documentation for the blind or by means of a loaded smart card with the profile of the blind, which belongs to the blind peson. 
  • Blind person escort – eligible for discount at a rate of 50% when purchasing a public value travel arrangement only by means of a smart card belonging to the blind person.
  • Child under the age of 5 accompanied by a paying passenger is exempt from payment. For every additional child the price of travel will be paid.
  • Soldiers and Cadets – a soldier serving mandatory service or a career soldier in uniform is eligible to travel without payment on all service lines upon presenting appropriate documentation. When getting on the bus, there must be validation by the enlisted soldier or by a scanning application developed by the IDF
  • Bus fares are fully waived for SHALAT (unpaid service) conscripts, premilitary preparatory course (Mechina) students, semi-annual Mechina students, National Service volunteers, national civil service volunteers and service year volunteers on all service lines. 
  • Police – with a known documentation subscription tool of the Israel Police, police are exempt from payment of travel fees on all lines.

Loading a Smart Card

A smart card can be reloaded at a line station

In addition, the smart card can be loaded at thousands of ATM stations throughout Israel. For additional information, please press the link: loading smart cards at ATMs | loading the smart card at one of thousands of ATM stations throughout the Israel (ravkavonline.co.il).

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